Different countries, different tastes

Walnuts are popular around the world – and are offered in frequently new variations.

This time, the focus is on the United States. Whether sweet, spicy, or hot – walnut snacks are gaining in popularity. There are savory options such as sea salt, rosemary, or chipotle, as well as sweet varieties such as maple syrup-cinnamon, chocolate or honey. Shelf life of all varieties is on average one year.


Here are our top 3. U.S. companies for creative walnut snacks:

The diversity of varieties reflects the wide range of different applications for Californian walnuts. Their mild, nutty flavor allows them to be combined with a wide variety of spice blends. In addition, the valuable nutritional profile of walnuts contributes to their popularity, especially among health-conscious consumers. These factors indicate a large market potential for snack innovations with California walnuts, which has not yet been fully exploited in Germany.

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