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California walnuts are the perfect brain food

The brain consumes a considerable amount of our daily energy. After a long and exhausting day, people often get ravenousness. If the ravenous appetite is not quickly controlled, people get "hangry". The term is composed of the English words "hungry" and "angry" and was even included in the Cambridge dictionary. The quick but usually not optimal solution is a chocolate bar or the bag of chips.

California walnuts are the smarter snack to keep energy levels high and to stay focused. Not only do they prevent ravenous appetite attacks, but they are also good for the brain. Studies show that walnuts offer important nutrients that support brain health. Nutrients in walnuts, including polyphenols (69.3 ± 16.5 μmol catechin equivalents/g), tocopherols (5.91mg/oz) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (13g/oz), may play an important role in cognitive health.
California walnuts - the perfectly smart snack for work, travel or at home.

*as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle