Different countries, different tastes

Walnuts are popular around the world – and are offered in frequently new variation.

The California Walnut Commission supported the British brand BNUTZ to develop a product called ‘Espresso Nut Butter – Made with California Walnuts’. BNUTZ founder Bianca Avory was keen to use California Walnuts as a base ingredient, for their health benefits and superior taste and texture. The nut butter has a rich dark chocolate taste with subtle caramel sweetness and creaminess from the California walnuts, adding up to a truly unique flavour. More nut butters are using California Walnuts as an ingredient and demand is rising among trade and consumers.

Are you interested in the development of new products with California walnuts? Please do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to provide you with advice and assistance at any time!

Espresso Nut Butter