Different countries, different tastes

Walnuts are popular around the world – and are offered in frequently new variation.

The Spanish brand "Don Juan" has launched a new date cake with walnuts, which is also available for purchase in Germany. Spanish date cakes are not like traditional fruit breads, because they are neither heated nor baked. After the dates have been de-stemmed and crushed, finely chopped walnuts are added to the mixture. This means that the date cake with walnuts from "Don Juan" is actually made with only two ingredients: dates and walnuts.

This is simply a match made in heaven! The crunchy, tangy-sweet walnut harmonizes perfectly well with the soft, sweet date. The nutritious fruit with their high fiber content go very well with the walnuts, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids. The two ingredients together form a rich date cake, which is not only great for breakfast but also ideal as a snack.

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