Successful: The current CWC digital consumer campaigns

As in previous years, the California Walnut Commission organizes strong end-consumer campaigns to effectively boost awareness and demand of California walnuts. The online campaign includes the subject of baking bread, which moves into its second phase due to the great success in the past year. In 2019, the “Walnut Wholemeal Bread” was chosen as favorite recipe by the consumers and then produced as Tasty Video in cooperation with EatSmarter. Now it is the main theme of this year’s campaign, which will still run until April, 30th. As before, this campaign is mainly published on digital channels and accompanied by ads on EastSmarter, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Bring. The Tasty video and new bread baking ideas were published on the landing page. Additionally, consumers are asked to name baking goods which they would like to see at their local bakery.

In addition, an integration with the shopping app Bring! is being continued.
Online shoppers using the Bring! app can add California walnuts directly to their shopping lists. From January to March 2020, Californian walnuts were added over 15,500 times on the digital shopping lists of German consumers. Compared to the same period last year, this number has almost tripled.