Delicious: New recipes for the gastronomy and food industry

Once again, culinary trendsetter Heiko Antoniewicz showcased his creativity – this time together with the California Walnut Commission. The renowned German chef and cookbook author developed twelve new recipes with California walnuts, specially geared to the gastronomy and food industry. 

Heiko Antoniewicz became famous through his molecular cuisine. In addition to his innovative recipes, he publishes versatile cookbooks, which cover a wide range of cooking. Antoniewicz has been awarded multiple times and holds the “Best of the Best” initiator award from CHEF-SACHE since 2016. No wonder that his new recipes featuring California walnuts are exciting. A special focus lies on convenience as well as vegan and vegetarian cuisine, e.g. “Salty Walnut Granola á la Muesli with Ayran & Cucumber” or “Indian Walnut Curry with Green Vegetables”. 

Have you become curious?
Please visit where the new recipes will be featured. Soon, you will be able to get a new technical handbook for the gastronomy and food industry developed by the California Walnut Commission which will be featured in future updates.